The history of the Vineyard Race

We’ve got a ways to go before next year’s running of the Vineyard Race but we’re going to start posting some history through the winter months. The idea is to share the race’s rich background as we approach the 75th running of the event.

Chris Meek, head of our library and collections committee, has been collecting some great clips and documents which I will share with you off an on.

Today Chris sent over a batch of New York Times clips from 1932 chronicling the stormy race. Only a handful of the original 22 boats that started managed to finish the race. While challenging conditions are not unusual, what’s fascinating in this day and age is the communications. The race committee relied on telegrams from many of the competitors that either dropped out or holed up in a clam harbor.

One such dispatch are recorded by The New York Times: “NEW LONDON, Conn. — Due to carrying away too much gear have had to withdraw from race with regrets. — Dave H. Morris Jr., Yacht Dragon.”

In the end Wild Goose was named the overall winner. She was owned by C.B. Rockwell, Jr. out of Bristol, R.I.

A far cry from today with cell, sat coms, SMS and email.


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