Introducing the 2009 inductees into the Buzzards Society

We will be gathering on March 28 at Stamford Yacht Club to honor the 2009 inductees into the Buzzards Society.

The society was founded last year for those who have sailed 10 or more Vineyard Races. The fact that we have such a large class speaks volumes about the significance and popularity of the Vineyard Race.

If you have sailed 10 or more Vineyards and are not part of this list, please email:

Walt Alder
Ty Anderson
Terence Arndt
Jonathan Asch
Steve Benjamin
Jim Berge
Joby Breck
Joseph Brendel
Mike Chapell
Bret Citrin
Gregg Clark
Richard Collins
Charles Corning
Cliff Crowley
Kevin Dailey
Larry Dickie
Richard duMoulin
Alton Evans, Jr.
Joe Fontanello
William Foster
James Franzone
Hewitt Gaynor
Edwin S. Gaynor
Anne Hannan
Joe Healy
Bud Heerde
Paul Hoffmann
Charles Hoffmann
Larry Huntington
Bjor R. Johnson
Sid Kiwitt
Bevin Koepell
Howard Lapsley
Bruce Lebens
Brenda Lewis
Steve Loeb
Charles Mack
Peter MacKenzie
Ryan Malloy
Marc Malloy
Horacio Marquez
Peter Millard
Bob Monro
James Muldoon
Hiro Nakajima
Erik Norrgard
Nick Noyes
Wes Oliver
Carl Olsson
Rob Panish
Raymond redniss
Devin Santa
John Schinto
Dave Sinclair
Lenny Sitar
Wendell Smith
terence Smith
Mac Sykes
James Sykes
Chris Tella
Quentin Thomas
Farley Towse
Bob Towse
Jeff Tyrrel
Butch Ulmer
Victoria Vandamm Dailey
Bernie Weiss
Ron Weiss


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