An overview of what we’re up to

3105802010_11517c0822_o1This email went out today to past participants and other interested parties. It’s a good overview of our plans and progress so far. (If you want to get email updates send a request to

The Vineyard Race doesn’t start for over five months but we’re already busy planning a special weekend to celebrate the 75th running of this long-distance classic. The race is set to start September 4 off Stamford Harbor and here are a few of the things to look forward to:
— On Sunday evening of Labor Day weekend (Sept. 6) we will have for the first time a special arrivals party followed by the awards ceremony on the grounds of Stamford Yacht Club. This is a chance for everyone to catch up on the race and for trophy winners to collect their hardware. All crew and their families are invited so make a note of this on your calendar.
— On Thursday evening before the start (Sept. 5) Gary Jobson will be joining us to talk about his experiences in the Vineyard Race and to kick off the skipper’s meeting.
— Also new this year is the cruising boat division for PHRF. All PHRF boats, including those with a rating lower than 90, are invited to participate. This class will be available for both courses (Vineyard and Cornfield Point) and is an ideal way to get the family and friends involved. Spinnakers will be allowed but without a pole or use of extended sprit.
— Race tracking is returning. We will have a dedicated Web site so family and friends can follow the race from shore.
— An earlier start on Friday. So you will have more time to enjoy your holiday weekend, first gun will now be at noon on September 4. This will help get racers back earlier for Sunday’s party and for family time.
— Buzzards Society. We’ve created a special group for those of you who have raced 10 or more Vineyards. The first class of the Vineyard Society will be inducted March 28 at the yacht club. If you’re interested, send an email to:
If you wish to enter this year’s race:
Do you want to see who has already entered?
If you wish to stay up to date on all that we’re doing:
Finally, we’ve posted photos from last year’s race:
Please forward this email to anyone else you think might be interested in hearing more about the 2009 Vineyard Race. If you wish to be added to this email list:

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