From the archives — Dorade arrives

nyt-1933We all know that yacht racing gets little or no coverage in today’s newspapers. So it’s a treat to scan through the archives of The New York Times to see how the Vineyard Race was covered in earlier times.

The other day we came across a clipping that was not about the race but about a boat arriving for the race. Talk about coverage. Granted, it wasn’t about any boat. In the Sept. 1, 1933 edition of the paper there was a dispatch about Dorade returning victorious from the Fastnet race and dropping anchor in Larchmont Harbor before setting out on the Vineyard Race.

It took her 26 days and 15 hours to make the return journey.

Three members of the original crew, which sailed the Dorade across the ocean for the 720-mile race from Cowes around Fastnet Rock in July, were among the six that returned today. They were Roderick Stephens, Jr., who acted as skipper in both transatlantic trips and also handled the Dorade in the Fastnet race victory; Porter Buck of New York City and David Leeson of Scarsdale.

Joseph Appleton and two members of the Grenadier, another boat which competed in the 720-mile race; Samuel Lane of Milton, Mass., and Albert Pratt of Roxbury, Mass., were the other sailors who made the return journey.


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