From the archives — the 1960 race

ny-times-spet-60As we rummage through the archives of races past we are taken by several things. A dispatch from the Sept. 3, 2009 issue of The New York Times is a good example.

In the article it reported that Nina, DeCoursey Fales’ yacht, was in charge of advising the race committee by radio on estimated times of arrival.

“An 11 P.M. report by radio from Nina, the yacht designated to advise the committee of estimated times of arrival, established that the Nina and four other craft were in the vicinity of the Long Island shore off Port Jefferson.”

It’s a long way from today with cell, Internet and satellite coverage where nearly move is known to everyone else and at the very least competitors can communicate with shore much more easily.

The same dispatch also reported on the the dismasting of Pursuit, a 35′ yawl sailed by Richard Sheehan out of Larchmont, and a collision between a tanker and one of the competitors, Falcan, RJ Perry’s 31′ sloop out of Seawanhaka.


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