From the archives — Inverness first to finish in 1979

nyt-19791In the Sept. 2, 1979 issue of the The New York Times, Ed Corrigan reported that Inverness, Bob McCullough’s entry, was first to finish the 1979 running of the race.

“When we got to the head of Long Island Sound, the current was against us,” said the 58-year-old McCullough, a textile executive. “A couple of the other yachts got past us there. But we got going well at the turning point.

“But we were well in the lead at the end, said McCullough, who is chairman of the America’s Cup Committee of the New York Yacht Club, “and we managed to get across the finish line without too much trouble. The light winds probably hurt some of the others behind us because they had trouble reaching the line.”

Later on in the article the author reported on some of the other boats in the race.

Other yachts given a chance of winning on corrected time included Goodly Fere, owned by Jim and Bob Whittmore of the Edgartown Yacht Club; Gambler, skippered by Ian Young of the United States Merchant Marine Academy; Nordzee, entered by Jaques F. Bulterman of the Riverside Yacht Club, and Pageant, sent in by John H. Page of the Cold Spring Harbor Club.


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