When there’s too much wind

1970 clipSeveral Vineyards of the past have had something few would complain about — too much wind.

But the start of the 1970 race had just enough wind to make the start rather interesting. Here’s a report from the Sept. 5, 1970 issue of The Advocate of Stamford:

Many yachts in each of the classes, from the smallest (30-feet) to the largest (72-feet) were forced to release these monstrous sails, letting them swing aft as they were lowered on their halyards. Grasping hands would then get the spinnakers inboard while other crew members on the foredeck would rush to hois genoas. Skippers working their helsm with one hand and pulling main sheets tighter with the other, in order to try to keep theiryachts moving as fast as possble during sail changes, usually describe the action as a typical “chinese fire drill.” It was, for most boats yesterday.


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