Keeping track of the records

elapsed times vineyardAs we researched the history of the Vineyard Race we started wondering about records.  Specifically, we wanted to know the course records over the span of the entire race. Diane McKeever, a member of the Vineyard Committee, and a founder of the Buzzards Society, put together this interesting chart which shows, as you would expect, the decline in elapsed times over the years.  (Note that this chart is incomplete. It’s missing Titan’s record from 2005 (21 hours, 42 minutes and 46 seconds) and Blue Yankee’s from 2001.)

A couple of interesting observations:

  • The span from 1953 (Cotton Blossom) to 1975 (Tempest) when the record stood.
  • How frequently the record has been broken since 1989 (four times.)

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