Yacht vs. submarine

sub clipThere have been numerous encounters between racing yachts and submarines off Block Island. One in particular managed to make the papers.

During the 1967 Vineyard Race Richard Carlson of Shelter Island managed to collide with a 326′ submarine. Neither vessel sustained much damage but it was unsettling at best.

Carlson’s boat, the 30′ Medea, collided with the sub at around 5 a.m. on the Saturday of the race. From Gerald Eskenazi of The New York Times in the Sept. 5, 1967 edition:

Mr. Carlson’s wife, Mary Jane, had been on watch during the early hours and had just brewed a pot of coffee. The sailboat was heading due east. Then things began to happen. “It was no more than eight feet away, going very slowly,” saod Mr. Carlson. “At first I thought it was a cabin cruiser. But then I realized what it was and I screamed “submarine!”. The submarine base at New London, Conn., confirmed yesterday that the U.S.S. Corporal was involved in the collision. The submarine is of the Guppy III class, and carried 84 men and six officers. The commanding officer of the 1,816-ton vessel, which was bound for New London from Philadelphia, was Lieut. Comdr. W. B. Hubbell.


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