Update from Partnership

Partnership filed this update on Sailing Anarchy this afternoon.

After I signed off our wind died, like clockwork. We spent the next hour bobibing around and changing sails to see which would help us the mmost, in the end just sitting drifting with no headsail was the best choice. After an hour or so of drifting a NW’ly breeze filled in from the west which meant we were in good shape being one of the 10 most westerly boats. We get wind 15-20 minutes before the rest of the fleet and shoot off for Faulkners island. Eventually the fleet follows us and it is a drag race. Two boats in our division went south and got screwed, as of the last tracker update Soulmate is 22 rmiles behind us and not showing any indication of closing that. I went below for two hours for rest and when I came back up we were off New Haven and had closed on American Girl and the other boats we were after (all 3 Club Swans) with our Code Zero. Based upon the tracker updates we were looking good for catching them and saving our time.

The next few hours were spent beating until roughly 4 when we encountered Stratford point, wanting to not get caught in the foul current there we short tacked along the beach and made up huge distance on the boats in front of us. After getting shot out the other side of the point into Bridgeport harbor we have entered a drift fest with Avalanche, Orbit, Mustang and the AmGirl. We’re hoping to get by them but who knows, 18 miles left to go.

Currently our VMG to the Cows is 1.1 knots and dinner is getting hot in the oven.

As for the future there might be wind coming there might not. We’re not sure. All I know is that as of right now we think we are competitive and will continue pushing ourselves and the boat to get every ounce of speed that we can in this abysmal wind. Our class is however something that we need to keep our eyes on. We know that AVRA, Rocket Science and Great Shoal are not far away from us and we need to keep them covered. That combined with trying to get ahead of our bigger, faster, friends means that this evening is going to be full on strategy.

Keep watching the tracker as it could get interesting, we think that whoever gets the wind first will be untouchable.

Best of luck to everybody still out here,


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