Update from Partnership

DSC_3949The following was posted on Sailing Anarchy earlier today:

Report from Partnership:

We started out on a beam reach with 7-8 knots of wind flying the Code 0 at 8.5 knots, burning through our fleet and those ahead of us. By dinner time we were leading the majority of the fleet (minus IRC 0, not including Donnybrook) and looking to catch a forecasted northerly in near the thimble islands. The northerly never came and we sat drifting for the next two hours watching the fleet sail up to us. Bad moment for sure. we went from an estimated 4th to 40th.

Around 10:30 the wind came back up…but from the south… meaning that the southerly boats got it first and we, the most northerly boat, got it last. We put up the 1.5A and got into the breeze and for 10 minutes made 8 knots for the first time in 4 hours. Nice change. This turned into 7… then 6… then 5 and so on until we were drifting again. At this point we were ~1 mile east of Falkner island and looking towards the first mark on the Cornfield Point course. After some tense light air beating we were in a good place and I went off watch for a nap. I came back on deck 2 hours later to find us rounding the mark, setting our Code 0 and screaming off at 8 knots. Looking back we should have taken this as a hint because sure enough it proceeded to die in less than half an hour, leaving us drifting again. So we decided to set off for the CT shore in search of a land breeze, dropped the Code 0 for our Jib and went off. Around 4 AM we rounded the second mark and headed for our easternmost mark. It was at this point that all the Maxis came downwind at us (Deepsea, you were looking realll good against those bigger boys!) and we noticed a breeze line coming down to us. This prooved to be a nice 7 knot NE’ly which propelled us past our competition to the mark. We arrived at the same time as Vamp and Mustang. Gybe set to the 1.5A and we take Vamp who bore off and set into a hole. Some hard pushing downwind netted us a DH J/109 and Mustang. We held the 1A for the next leg during which we rolled under AVRA and upon rounding our mark near Plum Island peeled to the Code Zero which, as we tried to point higher, became the Jib.

As I write this we are sailing along at 7 knots in 6.3 knots of wind heading for the last turning mark before R32 and trying to save our time on our division. We’re looking to catch The AmGirl and most of IRC 50. IRC 35 isn’t much of a worry to us as the three leaders apparently didn’t get the message about the shortened course and have sailed out of The Race. They are on their way to block island apparently unawares that they, Bombardino and Rail Meat are alone out there. SirenSong is also showing every intention of sailing through Plum Gut as well.

All is looking well from where we sit, I estimate we are in the top 15 on IRC and are placing in our division. We’re happy to be back in the game after our snafu and have every intention of kicking some serious ass.

I’m off to go get some rest. Good luck to everybody out there.


2 Responses

  1. They shouldn’t have shortened the race. If the race takes an extra day and You finish on Monday then that’s what should happen.

  2. This race was complete BS. Why in the world would you not send us on the whole race? I’m not coming next year if the shorter course is an option. I came to do the Vineyard Race! The Stamford Yacht club should be ashamed and owes all participants an apology.

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