Vineyard Race wraps up; class winners announced

Paladin, winner of IRC doublehanded class, at Friday's start.

Paladin, winner of IRC doublehanded class, at Friday's start.

At 10:30 this morning the last boat in this year’s Vineyard Race crossed the line off Stamford Yacht Club marking the end of the 75th running of the race.

“By all accounts it was a big success,” said Charles Goodrich, co chair of the event with Richard Nugent. “Because this was such a special year we wanted to make this a special race and I think we did. The only thing left is tonight’s party on the lawn of the yacht club.”

Seventy six boats started the race Friday afternoon off Bell 32. Sixty five boats raced the longer Vineyard course while 11 sailed the shorter Cornfield Race.

The Vineyard course, which normally takes racers out to Buzzards Bay and back, was shortened this year due to the forecast of light winds. “We talked to a lot of competitors before the race and the consensus was that a shortened course was the way to go,” Goodrich said. “The number of boats that withdrew due to the lack of wind and the comments we received by those who finished I think show that the right decision was made.”

As of 10:30 this morning the following class winners were declared. (The rest will be decided this afternoon after protests are heard.)

Cornfield Point

PHRF (non spinnaker)

1. Amy Beth

2. Alviento

3. Sirius

PHRF (spinnaker)

Protest pending

Vineyard Race

IRC doublehanded

1. Padaldin (winner of the Doublehanded Ocean Racing Trophy)

2. Wave Dancer

3. Strider

IRC 30

1. Shooting Star

2. Tenacious

3. Zest

IRC 35

1. Loki

2. Galadriel

3. Paul Steinborn

IRC 40

Protests pending

IRC 45

1. Beagle

2. Avalanche

3. American Girl

IRC 50

1. Barleycorn

2. Orbit

3. Mustang


1. Vanquish

2. Rima2

3. Titan 15


Protest pending


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