Newest Buzzard Society members welcomed

Thirty six new members of the Buzzard Society were welcomed to the group this past weekend at Stamford Yacht Club. There are now 127 members of this society which was created to recognize the achievements of those who have sailed 10 or more Vineyard Races.

“We created this group last year because we realized how special it was to compete in the Vineyard Race,” said Diane McKeever, founder of the society and co-chair of the 2010 Vineyard Race. “In the two years the society has been in existence we’ve honored 127 sailors. We look forward to doing that for many more.”

The dinner was held March 27 and included recollections from past races. Ron Weiss, Crazy Horse, was not able to attend but wrote a poem in the Society’s honor, a variation on Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven.

Beth Santa, a newly-inducted member, also talked about her first experience on the race and how it turned into a yearly affair.

Click here for a full collection of photos.

For more information on the Buzzard Society:

Special thanks to the presenting sponsor for the 2010 Vineyard Race — Thomson Reuters.

The newest members of the Buzzards Society are:

George Coumantaros (39)

Chip Adams (31)

Jack Harvey (31)

Jeff  Neuberth (30)

Bob Hale (28)

Edward Cesare (23)

Jay Raymond (20)

Bill Sandberg (20)

Bob Langstine (17)

Wayne Beardsley (15)

Marvin Green (15)

E.C. Hoffman (15)

Tigger Smith (15)

Patrick Croke (14)

John Troy (14)

Maureen Koeppel  (13)

Warren Costikyan (12)

Charlie Gulotta (12)

Bear Hovey (12)

Pat O’Neill (12)

Tim Platt (12)

John Stanton (12)

Brook West (12)

Rick Oricchio (11)

Paul Zwynenburg (11)

Bernie Armstrong (10)

Bob Avery (10)

John Coumantaros (10)

Stephen Jay (10)

Matt Kreuzkamp (10)

Randy Needham (10)

David Noyes, Jr. (10)

Jeffrey Ohstrom (10)

Beth Santa (10)

John Santa (10)

Howie McMichael (10)


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