Update on Hurricane Earl

This notice was just sent to all competing skippers:

News from the 2010 Vineyard Race event:

We at Vineyard Race Headquarters realize that you are all watching Hurricane Earl and trying to decide what to do. Please be aware that we are monitoring several weather services and, while it is still a bit early to make any decisions, we are prepared to delay the start of the race if necessary. That delay could be for a number of hours, or until Saturday morning as described in the SIs.

The other tool available to us is to signal a shortened course and keep all boats inside Long Island Sound. We did that last year for the diametrically opposite reason! It is not what we would like to do, but it may be necessary.

We are also aware that many of you have to move boats to Stamford. We will continue to keep you all informed of both the storm’s movements and our consequent decisions as early as possible.

Your 2010 Vineyard Race Committee


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