Earl update: decision by 1800 today

Attention all hands!

As you might expect, the Race Committee has been studying the weather projections and following the storm path. It is still a bit too early to start putting odds on which way Earl will move, but we feel we will likely have a better handle on it after the 1700 Military weather updates.

With that said, we expect to make an announcement by approximately 1800. That announcement, assuming the current projection remains the same, will likely be to postpone the start. If Earl moves eastward we may elect to start either on-time or with an X hour AP. If it moves westward, we’re all going to shoot ourselves! But any way it goes, you will be hearing from us at that time.

We have had some good input from competitors, for which we thank them. At this time, we are dealing nearly full time with our own communications and will not be able to process additional outside contact. We will keep you all informed, and you, in turn, will need to keep your crews informed, as decisions are made.

Our intent is to make a decision based on the best available information and in as timely a manner as possible.

Thanks for your patience,
The 2010 Vineyard Race Committee


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  1. Can you post the scratch sheets?

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