First-hand account of Leverage’s dismasting

From Sailing Anarchy:

Well that was a fun ride, the boat was absolutely flying. Its weird when 13 kts of boatspeed is going to slow. Started out with a reef in and when we realized we were only as fast as the Ker50s we shook it out 15 min after the start and went down the road. The boat was actually pretty stable, the hard part was not plowing into the back of the wave you were overtaking and declarating to hard loading up the boat as the period was so shot and steep. We had 2 big wipes with the A2 one where the mast was horizontal whe we broke the tiller extension off either before or after, tough to tell. Broke a brace for the stern pulpit during that one as everyone was hanging vertical from it. An old repair on the A2 wasnt looking to good so up went the A5, which meant more speed but hotter angles as it is more of a reaching kite. Spent most of the afternoon averaging 20 -23 with everyone but a guy on the vang the spin trimmer and a grinder stacked in the back of the bus. We were out in front of the fleet and Aurora and Vela Veloce had just passed us about 3 mi west of the gut when a block on the backstay cascade failed and the rig came down as I was holding on to it. It was actually not that violent, snapped at the first set of spreaders and went over the port side, kite went over the starboard.

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