That’s a wrap

Ripple, winner of IRC 30 and sailed by John Towers, finishing Sunday.

As of 2020 Sunday all boats have finished the 2010 running of the Vineyard Race, presented by Thomson Reuters.
Divisional and class winners are starting to take shape. Click here for latest.

Winners of perpetual trophies will be announced tomorrow.

As this year’s race winds down a few highlights.

  • There was one protest (Vamp vs. Elvis) that resulted in a time penalty for Elvis.
  • It was a race that sailmakers love. Numerous boats — too numerous to mention — blew out chutes. Several boats blew out more than one chute.
  • Vamp reported that it went under emergency rudder when the rudder chain got displaced. The crew was able to fix the chain before rounding the turning mark and heading back upwind.
  • Leverage was dismasted when her backstay broke. No crew were hurt. Click here for a full rundown of the incident.
  • Aspara withdrew when a crew member had to go to the emergency room. The crew member required a few stiches and released.
  • 68 boats started, 15 withdrew and the rest have finished or are expected to finish shortly.
  • It took about 15 hours for the first boat to finish and 34 hours for the last  boat to finish.

The final act of this year’s race is Monday night’s awards ceremony and arrival party. Please join us at 1800 on the lawn of Stamford Yacht Club.


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