The Buzzards are landing!!!!

The Stamford Yacht Club will again host the annual Buzzards Society dinner on March 12. This organization honors those adventurous men and women who have sailed in the Vineyard Race ten or more times. The Vineyard Race is one of the most prestigious distance races on the east coast sailing calendar and is held every year on Labor Day weekend by the Stamford Yacht Club.

Fourteen new members will be inducted into the Buzzards Society at the third annual dinner, joining the current membership of 127. The Society’s membership list reads like a Who’s Who of Sailing, including several of SYC’s past Commodores. The veteran of this group is Ed Gaynor who has participated in 42 Vineyard Races.

This year’s group includes many prominent sailors such as Gary Jobson of America’s Cup and ESPN fame and Peter Levinson (25; Stamford), Bill Mack (20; Darien), Rives Potts (20; Westbrook), Rene Coudert (18; New Canaan), Steve Frank (16; Darien), James Keeshan (15; North Kingstown, RI), Tom Castiglione (12; Rowayton), Dave Gurney (12; Stamford), Rich Nugent (12; Stamford), John Brim (10), Gus Carlson (10; Bedford, N.Y.) and Steve Minninger (10; Stamford). The names include the number of Vineyard Races in which they’ve sailed.

The highlight of the evening of fellowship is hearing the accounts from the new inductees of their most memorable Vineyard Race. Last year we heard about a couple who met on the weather rail during the race and went on to marry and continue racing together.

This year’s 77th running of the Vineyard Race will start on September 2 off Stamford. Nearly 100 boats are expected to compete in the final race of the Northern Ocean Racing Trophy series.


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