Let the countdown begin

Starting line action during last year's Vineyard Race.

Hard to believe but the first gun for the 77th running of the Vineyard Race, hosted by Stamford Yacht Club, is in two months.

Recently we put together a list of reasons to get involved with the Vineyard Race. It was written for Short Tacks, the in-house newsletter for SYC members, but applies to all who might want to spend part of their Labor Day weekend participating in one of the world’s top distance race.

If this does inspire you to join us for the Vineyard Race, you can enter by clicking here.

10. This is a mandatory qualifier for NORT, DHORT and NELS trophies.

9. This brings you one step closer to being a member of the Buzzards Society.

8. This is actually 5 races all wrapped up in one.

7. Nothing is more beautiful than sailing through the Gut at midnight with shoreline so close and 50+ competitors near by.

6. You’re not going to win the SYC tennis championship anyway.

5. Long Island Sound will be less crowded than the Club pool.

4. This is the best way to celebrate with the crew you have sailed with all summer the conclusion of the racing season.

3. You can go to the greatest party on Long Island Sound on Sunday night and tell all sorts of stories about your on-the-water exploits. (BTW – all Club members are welcome to join the party starting at 1800 under the tent.)

2. If you win, you will be forever immortalized on the walls of the SYC.

1. There is nothing like holding a large shiny object with your name on it to make your day.


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