Post-Irene update; latest contact info

Announcement from the Vineyard Committee:
We hope you all came through Irene OK and that and you boats are intact.

Many of you have contacted us to ask about the status of the 2011 Vineyard Race. It’s still on. The facilities at Stamford Yacht Club got battered but came out with only a few bruises so we are all set to fire the first gun at noon Friday. If you need help with advance docking or mooring space please contact our marine staff at 203 353 1114. You may need to leave a message as they are busy with clean up but they will call you back promptly. Within the harbor you can hail them on Ch 72.

Storms such as last weekend’s are a good reminder for all skippers to update their crew lists on their profile on Yachtscoring. It is important that you list all crew members and their contact information in the event of an emergency. We realize that some of you have not finalized your crew but it only takes a minute to log on and input the correct information.
The result will be a safer race for everyone.
We look forward to seeing everyone out on the water later this week.

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