SI amendment

Attention all hands…

We have uploaded an amendment to the SIs regarding the starting sequence and Class flags. For starting purposes, some Classes have been combined. The Amendment revises SI 1.6 changing the requirement to fly your Class Flag, to flying the numeral pennant indicating your START.  This change in no way affects the Class breaks, scoring or prizes. It is simply being used to simplify identification for each start. Please see the Scratch Sheet for start assignments.

As sent in a message last night, the Thursday night fireworks in Stamford Harbor have been canceled. Therefore, the Harbor will NOT be closed at any time. The Thursday evening “Skipper’s Meeting” is still on!

Also, while SYC came through the storm with only minor bruising, phone communication to the Dockhouse is down. If you need information regarding mooring possibility, please call the Front Office at 203-323-3161 or the Marine Workshed at 203-353-1114. Once approaching or in the Harbor, the marine staff can be reached on VHF 72.

Thank you!  We look forward to seeing you all quite soon!


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