Saturday morning update

Conditions are holding up on all three courses this morning. According to data from the mid Sound buoy, the boats are seeing 12 to 15 knots of breeze from the Southwest. After the challenging conditions the past several years this is certainly welcome by everyone.

Cornfield Point Race

According to the Kattack race tracking Inessa II and Gadzooks are ahead on elapsed time followed by Jamalla II and Amy Beth II. They are approaching New Haven as of 0500 today. Behind the lead pack are Kekoa, the Real MaCaw, On the Mark II and Alviento. Finishers should be in Stamford by later this morning or early afternoon based on Inessa’s current speed of 6.1 knots.

Seaflower Course

The lead pack is now heading back and is off Westbrook. Thin Man is lead boat on elapsed time with Sirius and Synergy close behind. Further back are Poppy and Glim. Thin Man’s speed is currently 4.3 knots.

Vineyard Course

According to the Kattack tracking Blue Yankee is approaching Block Island on the return with Aurora and Decision trailing off Newport.

IRC 35: Froya, Hiro Maru and Blue Mouse.

IRC 40: Christopher Dragon, Tumbleweed, Cabady

IRC 45: Barleycorn, Pendragon, Avalanche.

IRC 50: Ptarmigan, Oakcliff, Bombardino

IRC 0: Blue Yankee, Aurora, Decision

IRC DH: Oakcliff, Mirielle, Next Boat

Multihull: Falcor, Three Little Birds, Milk and Honey

PHRF 6: Tactile, Letting Go, Gringo

PHRF 7: Kyrie, Choucas, Patience

PHRF 8: Rhiannon II, Breakaway, Sparta

PHRF 9: Avra, Whitehawk, Eagle


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