Eight bells: Edwin Gaynor

Edwin Gaynor, left, with his son, Hewitt, at the inaugural Buzzards dinner in 2009. Gaynor sailed in 42 Vineyards.

Anyone involved with the Vineyard Race, or nearly any other Long Island Sound sailing event, knows of Emily and her owner, Edwin Gaynor. The 44′ Aage Nielsen sloop is a well-known fixture on Long Island Sound and Gaynor was long revered for not only his sailing ability but as a friend and gentleman.

Gaynor, who passed away February 17, was one of the original Buzzards Society members. He sailed in 42 Vineyards, the most on record.

Here’s a good overview of Gaynor and Emily from a Windcheck feature on Nielsen.

Nielsen opened his own design office in Boston after World War II. Perhaps best remembered for his double-ended cruising designs, he also designed some very successful racing sloops. Emily, a 44- footer commissioned by Edwin Gaynor of Southport, CT and built in aluminum by Paul E. Luke, Inc. in East Boothbay, ME in 1976, holds the record for the most Newport Bermuda Races completed by a boat under one owner at 16 (1978 – 2008). “Emily was one of Nielsen’s last designs, and she was his response to the influence of the International Offshore Rule measurement system – which in retrospect gave birth to some extreme and dangerous yachts. Nielsen was conservative, however, in shaping Emily’s hull, making her stable and seakindly yet reasonably fast for her rating.” The Gaynor family continues to enjoy racing and cruising aboard Emily from her homeport at Pequot Yacht Club.

Everyone in the Stamford Yacht Club and Vineyard Race communities extends our condolences to the Gaynor family.

Click here for more details on Edwin Gaynor’s life.


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