Buzzards Society welcomes 23 new members

Twelve of the 23 new Buzzards members were on hand March 10 for their induction into the Buzzards Society. From left: Joe Dockery, Randy Tankoos, Peter Kelly, Kim Zeh, Michael Mahan, Peter Gould, Peter Boyd, Dave White, David Otterbein, Ed Tiano, Lawrence McGrath and Chris Malloy.

Twenty three Vineyard veterans were honored Saturday night by joining the Buzzards Society, the group formed to recognize those who have sailed 10 or more Vineyard races.

Over 100 people attended the March 10 dinner at Stamford Yacht Club, the host of the Vineyard Race which will be held for the 78th time this coming Labor Day weekend.

The Buzzards Society, formed four years ago, is now 165 members strong and meets once a year as well as honors those who excel in the Vineyard Race each summer.

“We created the Buzzards Society to build the tradition of the Vineyard Race,” said Diane McKeever, chairman of the 2012 race and founder of the society. “This is a fun and easy way for all Vineyard veterans to connect as well as build awareness of the race.”

If you’re interested in joining the Buzzards Society or want more information:

Click here for a full collection of photos from the evening.

The 2012 inductees are:

Peter Boyd (10)

Stuart Caplan (22)

Fred Cosandey (11)

James Cummiskey (12)

Joe Dockery (10)

Larry Fox (15)

Peter Gould (10)

Wayne Hubbard (11)

Peter Kelly (12)

Ed Lenihan (25)

Michael Mahan (11)

Chris Malloy (16)

LawrenceMcGrath (10)

Mike  Millard (12)

David Otterbein (12)

Randy Tankoos (20)

Ed Tiano (11)

Jon Turner (10)

Andrew Weiss (12)

Tom Whidden (10)

Dave White (10)

John  Winder (18)

Kim Zeh


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