Announcing our new Corinthian Challenge

As part of an effort to make the Vineyard Race more inclusive the organizers today announced the formation of the Corinthian Challenge open to high school and college sailors.

“We’ve made great strides in recent years restoring the Vineyard Race to its former glory,” said Diane McKeever, chairman of the 2012 Vinyard Race, hosted by the Stamford Yacht Club. “The Corinthian Challenge is the latest change to help grow the number of entries and make the race the pre-eminent distance race on Long Island Sound.”

The Challenge, created in partnership with David White, head sailing coach at SacredHeartUniversity, is open to all high school and collegiate sailors between the ages of 14 and 24. At least two thirds of the crew for each entry in the Corinthian Challenge must fit in the age range. In addition, each boat will be required to have two advisers, 25 or older, aboard.

There will be separate scoring for eligible boats, details to be announced in the Sailing Instructions.

“This is a great opportunity to grow interest in offshore racing for high school and collegiate sailors,” White said. “The Vineyard Race, which takes place at the start of the school year for most students provides an early season opportunity for team building and bonding.”

The Vineyard Race will also be helping those high school and college sailors who want to participate but can’t field an entry. “We will be encouraging those sailors to use our crew/boat board to let owners know they are experienced and available,” said McKeever. “All Corinthian sailors should indicate their age, experience and school affiliation in the optional field when filling out their information.”

The 2012 Vineyard Race starts at noon August 31 off Stamford Harbor.

For more information on forming a team, contact David White:

For full details in the Sailing Amendment and to access the crew/boatboard:

For more information on the Vineyard Race: or


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