A bit of history in this year’s Vineyard

Those who are at the starting line Friday afternoon will see a bit of history. Kialoa V, the German Frers-designed boat, will be sailing the full Vineyard course and as such connecting the past with the present.

Current owner, Andrew McLean, bought the classic racing yacht a few months ago understandably enamored with the boat’s history as well as speed. “You can’t not be inspired by the boat. It was love at first sight,” he said this week. “I’ve always had a passion for speed and performance.”

While the boat has an additional 10,000 pounds due to her cruising interior installed in 2001 at Pendennis, she still has her original keel, rudder shape and most of her deck gear. Even though Kialoa V does not have a current racing certificate and thus not officially scored she will sail the Vineyard course as a competitor.

“This is about being part of the event,” McLean said. “We will be competitive but this about the event and the camaraderie.”

Skippering Kialoa V will be Freddy Mills, son of the former owners. Also on board will be noted women sailor Mattie Farrar.


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  1. Good luck Andrew !!!!
    All your friends at Harbor Point Marina

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