Thinking warm thoughts

We’ve only had the NOR for about a week and we already have our first four entries. Congrats to those who are thinking warm thoughts:

  • Afterglow, Express 37 out of Cedar Point YC
  • Breakaway, Dave Otterbein’s Tripp 37 out of Nyack Boat Club
  • Flashpoint, Adrian Little’s J100 out of Cedar Point YC
  • Hee Soo, Eric Baumes’s C&C 34/36 out of Nyack Boat Club

Why should you join these folks? Here’s an email we sent out last night:

The NOR for the 2013 running of the Vineyard Race, hosted by Stamford Yacht Club, has been posted.

The 2012 start of the Vineyard. (Photo courtesy of Ken Delmar)

The 2012 start of the Vineyard. (Photo courtesy of Ken Delmar)

While we’re all waiting for the first signs of spring this might be a good time to think about all the great reasons the Vineyard has become one of the East Coast’s top distance races of the season:

— Three courses to choose from. We have the traditional 238-mile course to the Buzzards Bay entrance and back but we also have two courses within Long Island Sound (Cornfield Point and Seaflower) for those who still want to participate at a high level without the additional crew commitment.

— Multiple options for PHRF, IRC and HPR-rated boats. For example, PHRF owners who don’t want to use a spinnaker can opt for the Cornfield Point or Seaflower course. See our NOR for all options.

— A multitude of prizes.In addition to the trophies given to class and division winners the Vineyard Race is the culmination of several prestigious season-long series: Norther Ocean Racing Trophy (IRC), New England Lighthouse Series (NELS), the Doublehanded Ocean Racing Trophy (IRC). We also offer several perpetual trophies: the Vineyard Trophy, Nirvana Trophy, and the Bounding Home Trophy for best classic yacht. The Vineyard Race is also a qualifier for the Caper, Kings Point, Mertz and Sagola season trophies awarded by the YRA of Long Island Sound, and the IRC Gulf Stream Series.

— A great post-race celebration on the front lawn of Stamford Yacht Club Sunday evening of the race.

— Membership in the Buzzards Society, a special society of Vineyard veterans. All who have sailed 10 more Vineyards are invited to be part of this group which is recognized for having made the Vineyard the special race it is today.

— Corinthian Challenge. For the second year we will be encouraging collegiate sailors to participate in the Vineyard by either entering a boat or crewing on other boats. Special prizes will be offered for those competing in the Corinthian Challenge.


To stay up to date on the race throughout the year: or

The Vineyard Race Committee


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