How to follow the race

CaptureWe’re underway and will be providing updates throughout the weekend.

Here are the best ways to follow the race.

1. Tracking. Use the Kattack web site to track positions of all the boats. All boats are required to have a tracking device on board. As of this evening some are having problems with their devices but that is being worked on. Click here.

2. Our blog. (This is where you are now.) We will be using this platform for any major announcements and updates. Best to follow and get updates.

3. Facebook and Flickr. That’s where we will be posting mainly photos. Click here for Facebook page. Click here for Flickr page.

4. Twitter. This where we will report real-time updates, mostly finishes. We won’t be reporting finishing times but will let you know when boats are reported in. Click here for Twitter feed.


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