Saturday am weather

We just received an update from Weather Routing, our official weather forecast provider. Excerpt below. Full info package was just emailed to all skippers and is available to all skippers through the Yacht Scoring site.

Current Conditions: As of 06:00 AM EDT, the buoy observation in Eastern Long Island Sound was reporting SW’ly winds at 14 kts gusting to 16 kts, a buoy at the entrance to Buzzards Bay was reporting SW’ly winds at 17 kts gusting to 19 kts, and a buoy about 25 NM southeast of Block Island was reporting significant wave heights of 4.3 feet at 5 second intervals. The latest radar and satellite images as of 06:30 AM EDT indicates scattered to isolated rain showers well north of the Long Island Sound extending from Albany, NY moving e’ward to Boston, MA.

Severe Weather Potential/Advisories:  The threat for Severe Weather today and tomorrow is LOW.

Conclusions:  Interactions between the LOW PRESSURE over Lake Ontario/New York and the HIGHPRESSURE extending ne’ward towards Long Island will lead Moderate SW’ly winds today andtomorrow, with conditions becoming squally by late tomorrow as the front approaches Long Island Sound.


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