Top IRC boat

The crew of Patriot before Friday's start. (Rick Bannerot.)

The crew of Patriot before Friday’s start. (Rick Bannerot.)

According to preliminary (unofficial) results Patriot is in the lead to take home the prestigious Vineyard Lighthouse Trophy given each year to the top-performing IRC boat. What makes this special is the crew. Patriot is one of four boats to enter in the newly-formed Corinthian Challenge for younger sailors. She is a J122 skippered by Peter Becker of Rye and American Yacht Club but it was the crew of high-school age children who get the credit.

The crew, in addition to two adults, ranged in age from 12 to 16. Patriot was one of four boats entered in the Corinthian Challenge. The other Corinthian boats: Wildfire, Charlie V and Conviction. The Corinthian Challenge, started last year by David White, is for boats that have a crew of at least 2/3 14 to 24 year olds enrolled in high school or college.


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  1. The first hint they had that they were in the running for hardware was on the way out. The crew stayed with its original plan to stay down the middle of the Sound despite their competition heading off to one of the shores. The crew saw that several boats they thought should have passed them by Port Jefferson were still behind them. They continued to stick with their plan to go out the Gut, even though that was tested when they had a tight reach getting around the island after the lighthouse.

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