The Vineyard — “a classic”

vineyard_yachtingThis year marks the 80th running of the Vineyard. Five years ago we ran a series of articles chronicling the history of the race. Starting today we will be reposting those articles on this blog. (Orig post date: December 2008)

We’ve been spending a lot of time this winter thumbing through the archives finding articles on the race. It’s been one of the more enjoyable aspects of helping run this race. We recently stumbled across a 1982 article written by Bob Bavier and published in Yachting Magazine, a publication he once owned.

Several interesting excerpts caught our eyes:

… the Stamford Yacht Club’s Vineyard Race rates close to the top. Like a miniature Fastnes, the Vineyard has a combination of coastal cruising, where currents play a big role, a stretch of ocean sailing, and a mark to round – the Buzzards Bay tower — before returning.

Rudy Schaefer won the ’36 Vineyard aboard his ’34 Bermuda Race winner Edlu. Harvey Conover won three times in two different Revonocs — ’37, ’45 and ’55. I was pleased to be aboard for the latter two wins. Paul Hoffman’s Hother won in ’57 and ’58. Bull Luder’s Storm won in ’59 and then again in ’61 using a freak rig that confounded the CCA rule. Tom Young’s Shearwater won in ’63 and ’65; Dick Nye’s perennial Carina in 1970 and 1980. Ed Raymond’s 32′ ketch Chanteyman won the race in 1949, the smallest yacht ever to take overall honors. One year Chanteyman spent an entire tide cycle high and dry on Plum Island and still missed winner her class by a scant minute and 30 seconds.

Two grand old gentlemen, Wlater Wheeler in two different Cotton Blossoms, and DeCoursey Fales aboard Nina, conducted an intense Vineyard rivalry for over 20 years. Having won the 1928 Transatlantic Race, and the Bermuda Race over three decades later, Nina won overall Vineyard honors, no less than five times — ’41, ’52, ’53, ’54 and ’60 — an unparalleled achievement.

As we uncover more history we will share it here with you.


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