Why I race the Vineyard — Mike McGuire

9630477343_57f1811eac_kThe Vineyard is a tradition for many. We’ve decided to celebrate that with occasional profiles of Vineyard veterans, all members of the Buzzards Society. We continue with Mike McGuire.
How many Vineyards have you done? 10
Describe in one word what makes the Vineyard so appealing? Challenging
What is the most difficult part of racing The Vineyard? Organizing a crew
What’s your favorite part of racing The Vineyard? Waking up in the morning to see who’s around, although tracking has done away with that somewhat.  Being part of a bigger game – the tactics and strategy blended with working the boat and crew to maneuver a course that takes you over the horizon…a bit of an adventure in contrast to today’s ultra-safe world.  Chasing the elusive bullet.  And don’t forget the party – best one on LI Sound!

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