A family affair — Chanteyman

CHANTEYMAN_on_the_50th (1)As we prepare to celebrate the 80th running of the Vineyard Race we’ve been asking folks to send in their remembrances. This one is from Ed Cesare of PleiadRacing. Thanks Ed.

I thought you guys might like to see the attached picture.  It is of Ed Raymond’s CHANTEYMAN shortly after the start of the 50th Vineyard Race.  The crew was Ed, past SYC commdore Skip Raymond, Jay Raymond, Ed’s nephew Tim Murray,  Mark Beningson and your’s truly (trimmng the kite from the shrouds).  The idea was three generations of Raymond’s for the 50th running sailing out of Norwalk YC.

I did a fair amount of sailing with Ed and it was always a treat.   This was not our finest outing however.  It was really light coming back into the Sound and  we got flushed out by the ebb all the way to the seaward side of Montaulk!  I don’t remember when we finally finished but SYC was considering sending the USCG – Ha!

Sorry about the picture quality. This photo hangs in the Norwalk Yacht Club and is too big to scan. Figured it was interesting in view of the 80th running — it will be great to have for the 100th!


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