Tracking update

CaptureWe’ve received several emails about our new way of tracking wondering why we weren’t using transponders. Here’s an overview of our approach. 

We agree that it would be ideal to continue to have transponders based on the success we’ve had in the past. However, we elected not to go that route this year for several reasons.

First is the cost. In years past the cost of the transponders was picked up by sponsors. This year we were not able to get that financial support and the only other option was to pass that cost on to the racers which we elected not to do. The app we selected is free for both the organizers and competitors.

Second, many of the tracking systems are changing to an app-based system similar to what we’re offering this year. Thus, in several years the transponder-based systems will not be an option whether we are able to pay or not.

For example, Kattack (which was used the past few years) is now only available by app and it cost the organizers a flat fee and their app cost each user $10 to download.

We recognize that phones will need to be charged for the app to work but our experience has been that most racers are using their phones throughout the race for other apps so it’s not an added burden. I am sure every boat will be finding ways to charge phones regardless if an app is running or not. Remember, we only need one app running per boat.

We have also had positive feedback from many competitors happy they do not have to drive to the Club to pick up (and then drop off after the race) a transponder.

The other reality is tracking might disappear completely once AIS is required on all privately owned yachts. We will all be able to go online and look at everyone’s position regardless if they are racing or cruising or hanging out in port.

We have also made tracking optional this year so you have the option to run the app (or not).

Each winter we work to make sure we continue to improve the Vineyard Race and encourage everyone to provide us feedback vis


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